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5 Top Tips for keeping clients happy during housing market ups and downs

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Last week the RICS reported house prices are set to fall across the UK, albeit only in the short term*. This week the new ‘official’ UK House Price Index reports an annual house price increase of 8.2%.  During these housing market ups and downs letting and estate agents will be considering how to keep clients happy and on the move. The key to success is often in repeat business and referrals. This means staying in touch with your clients – often over a period of years – in order to have it pay off.

As a leading proptech firm and developer of the highly regarded Veco™ property software, Eurolink understandably promotes utilising software, technology and a valuable bank of client data as one way to walk that fine line between staying on your clients radar and becoming a nuisance that must be avoided? Taking a personal approach is very important and so Eurolink has put together 5 top tips for how you can maintain a positive and useful relationship during housing market ups and downs.

The key to maintaining a pleasant acquaintance with your clients is to continue to be helpful well into the future. If you can keep your email and text communications personalised, rather than sending out generic self-promotional information, then they will likely keep you as a valuable and trusted property advisor.

One of the most important things to remember, that is often overlooked, is to restrict your contact with them to the forms that the client prefers. If they are phone people, give them a call. But if they hate talking on the phone, they will only resent it if you make them. Would they find it intrusive if you stopped by to drop off a personalised gift on the anniversary of moving in to their new home or to commemorate another celebration?

There’s no need to feel shy about keeping in touch. Chances are that they want you to stay in touch in case they ever need you again. You are making it easy for them to do so. If they never hear from you again, they may feel awkward about reaching out to you in the future.

1. Give them useful information.

People love to talk about house prices and what is going on in their area. Which roads have seen exceptional price growth? What’s happening to buy-to-let after the recent stamp duty changes? How many basements are being developed? Where are the new property hotspots? If you provide your clients with titbits of ‘dinner party’ information or news on the latest property comings-and-goings they will always welcome your contact.

2. Give them something you know they’ll love

If you took the time to learn a few of their likes and interests while they are your client, then you have enough information at your disposal to tailor gifts on the anniversary of moving in to their new home or to commemorate another celebration. No client will ever object to receiving something they already want. And they’ll remember that you were the one who gave it to them. You’ll be the thoughtful letting or estate agent who cared enough to go the extra mile.

3. Give them something unusual as a gift

Sometimes just going for the laugh can be enough to maintain a friendly rapport with a client. Send them something that is a little out-of-the-ordinary. If you can find a way to cleverly tie it into your property service, all the better.

4. Send them cards that are memorable

Clients will be impressed – and appreciative – when you take the time to send personalised cards celebrating big events in their lives. Birthdays, anniversaries and seasonal holidays are just a few examples.

If you are looking for a few ideas for fun or quirky holidays to celebrate, check out some of the “unusual holidays” calendars available on the internet. There’s a good chance that no one else is sending them a card to celebrate “Chocolate Day” (July 7th 2016) or “National Lighthouse Day.” (August 7th 2016).

You don’t always have to send physical cards through the mail – an e-card is enough to brighten their day.

5. Connect with them on social networks

Social networking makes it a breeze to stay in touch without going out of your way. If you connect with them on a platform that they already frequent, then you have a natural way to stay in touch. Any of your regular updates might reach them and remind them that you are there. Likewise, commenting on or liking their status updates is a subtle way to stay top-of-mind with them, while cultivating a deeper friendship.




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