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…Tara Sparrow, Veco™ Sales Manager at Eurolink.

What does it say on your business card?

Veco™ Sales Manager at Eurolink.


How long have you been at Eurolink?

I celebrated my 14 year anniversary on the 3rd September 2015!

Describe Veco™ property software in one jargon-free sentence.

Veco™ is property software that keeps all estate agency information in one place accessible to all staff.

What is Veco™?

Veco™ is server based property software which can be deployed locally or in the cloud. It is a multi-discipline residential property system which can be licensed per discipline. Veco™ covers the four key residential disciplines lettings, sales, auctions and block management. Veco™ is property software designed to boost estate agency customer relationships, efficiency and profitability.

When was it developed and launched and by whom?

Veco™ was launched in October 2008 at the PCS exhibition in Islington, London. It was developed in-house by Eurolink who celebrated their 25 year anniversary in 2015. The product architect and co-founder of the company Paul Chappell is the UK’s foremost property software specialist and still to this day works in the business!

Why was it developed (i.e. in response to which specific agency needs)?

It was developed at a time when estate agents were expanding beyond just lettings and sales and Eurolink recognised the need to replace multiple property software applications operating within one business.

Describe its key functionality.

Multi-discipline, single contact, single property, accounting, automation, customer relationship management.

What is its USP and why?

Veco™ is customisable to suit an individual estate agencies people, departments, procedures and processes. Veco™ bridges the gap between off the shelf products and bespoke systems.

What can it do that other property software can’t?

ANY data field in Veco™ can be used to trigger and deliver bespoke automated reports AND other repetitive processes; a function UNIQUE to Veco™ property software.

Which services do you offer in conjunction with the software?

Helpdesk support and consultancy, automation systems, mobile apps, landlord/tenant portal, web services, including build and design of responsive websites, IT infrastructure consultancy and maintenance agreements.

What IT/estate agency experience does your team have and how does that support your offering?

We are very experienced, staff loyalty to Eurolink is strong and with half of our team having worked ‘client side’ this gives us a unique perspective when delivering our products and services. Our technical personnel are qualified in both property and other industries exposing them to a broad range of ideas. Our project and implementation process is in depth and driven by industry standards.

How has Veco™ been developed/evolved and what’s in the pipeline for future enhancements?

We develop our property software from suggestions and ideas from our clients. We adhere to legislative changes and market trends. We develop our own ideas in-house. We are in the process of delivering a portal for our clients customers and contacts to access and amend their data and documents and we believe this further enhancement will ensure a seamless data journey.

What do estate agents say about it, in terms of how it helps their business?

Estate agents are always very keen to complement us on how our property software streamlines there marketing and accounting procedures.

What do clients most value about Veco™?

The single property software concept – All aspects of their business in one system.  All of their contacts/properties can be seen by all departments so that all staff are able to see what one particular contact means to their business.


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