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Stuart Evans, Software Support Consultant at Eurolink

How long have you been at Eurolink?
Coming up to 9 years and all this time working in software support.

Describe the role of Veco™ software support in one jargon-free sentence.
To provide help and solutions on technical issues experienced with the Veco™ property software system.

How many people work in your team?
There are 7 of us in the team dealing with a range of client requests and assistance with software support.

What technology do you use to manage requests for software support?
Our on-line knowledgebase and ticket-logging software called ‘The Hub’, developed in-house by our web team.

Describe the process by which you provide software support to your client.
Our clients log support request tickets either by phone, email or directly into The Hub using their own accounts.  We then work through these tickets in order of severity and in accordance with our Client Agreements.


How do you escalate software support requests?
If the issue cannot be resolved by the software support desk then it will normally get escalated to myself, and/or our in-house developers if required.

If a client asks for software support but their need is for further training how do you deal with this?
In the first few instances we provide the answers they need if it’s preventing them from working.  If it’s obvious it is a continuing trend then we will advise them accordingly of the training courses and consultancy services we provide.

Do you get involved in other aspects of software support for a client i.e. during the set-up of a new software installation?
The majority of new clients request some tailored customisation within Veco™ – this is usually in the form of branding and/or report designing.  This is normally allocated across the team by our project department.  I am also involved with setting up the feeds to property portals. Again, customising these if required.

What would you say is you biggest challenge every day?
Ensuring each client I deal with is happy with the solution/response given an in a reasonable or contractual timeframe.

How do you see the Veco™ software support service evolving in the future?
We will grow with our client base, hopefully providing an increasing on-line presence backed up by an accumulated knowledgebase.

What do clients most value about the Veco™ software support service?
A quick response, delivered in a concise and friendly manner.

Finally do you have any funny stories about working in Veco™ software support you could share!
I’m struggling to think of one that isn’t libellous! 🙂


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