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2 minutes with Duwayne Lake

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What does it say on your business card?
IT Support Manager.

How long have you been at Eurolink?
10 years and 7 months.

Describe the role of the Eurolink IT Support Manager in one jargon-free sentence.
Ensuring our team enables a client’s IT infrastructure remains operational and efficient at all times.

How many people work in your team?
Directly 3 and indirectly up to 6 with the support of our project team and from time to time specific external contractors.

What technology do you use to manage Eurolink client IT infrastructure?
Remote access and automated monitoring tools is some of the key technology we use in providing a proactive service.

Describe the process by which you would engage with your client to assess their IT infrastructure needs.
Choice is always key and we like to give our clients various different options with each having their own pros, cons and costs. This way the client can make a decision on moving forward based on our experience and their own internal factors.

How do you manage the delivery of  IT infrastructure  projects to clients?
We have a very good projects team; we communicate every step of the way and we like to configure as much as we can prior to delivery to minimise downtime.

If a client asked for your advice on a cloud service what would your considerations be?
Does the client really need to use a cloud based version of this particular service instead of a local version is always the first consideration. After that has been established you must consider other factors, such as what type of internet service is available and what is the budget.

Do you get involved in other aspects of IT infrastructure such as back-ups and cabling?
We provide consultation on both services but the implementation of these services are undertaken by third party companies who we have worked very closely with over a number years.

What would you say is you biggest challenge every day?
The biggest challenge every day for our team is staying abreast of latest technology. Things are constantly changing and if you don’t stay in touch you could get left behind.

How do you see the Eurolink IT service evolving in the future?
IT infrastructure will become increasingly cloud based and consequently more focus can be placed on remote management and preventative maintenance.

What do clients most value about Eurolink IT services?
I would like to say our striking good looks and charming personalities! Although I have a feeling it’s more to do with the fact that we listen to exactly what the client requires, delivering a service that matches their request as closely as possible within budget.


Finally do you have any funny stories about working in Eurolink IT you could share!
On my very first day starting out as a field engineer at Eurolink I was taken out to the property management department of one of our clients to help look into an IT issue. There were around 12 ladies in the department, one of which kindly offered me a cup of tea which I politely accepted. Upon receiving my tea and taking my first sip I accidently inhaled it instead of swallowing it resulting in a very large and uncontrollable cough into the cup. The entire contents of the cup ended up all over my hair, face and shirt with tea dripping off my eyelashes. The whole department laughed uncontrollably for around 10 minutes and I was known as ‘teaboy’ by them for years to come afterwards!


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