2 minutes with Derek Jee

10th November 2015

Derek Jee, Software Developer at Eurolink

What does it say on your business card?
My job title is Software Developer.


How long have you been at Eurolink?
16 years.

Describe the role of Veco™ software developer  in one jargon-free sentence.
Our role is to enhance our range of Veco™ property software applications in such a way that it gives our clients efficient and productive experiences whilst running their businesses.

How many people work in your team?
The development department has 8 in-house developers working on a range of applications, web sites and web apps.

What technology do you use to deliver software development projects?
Without giving away any trade secrets I can tell you we use database, automation, web, email and server development tools!

Describe the process by which you would engage with your client to design a software specification. 
It is important to make sure the client understands what it is they are trying to achieve.  We have to remember that some of the time they will have no knowledge of systems and development processes so our first contact will always be to analyse what the requirements actually are.  Once we are certain of the requirements we can then propose a design strategy which will have to be accepted by the client before any development starts.  Sign-off by the client is required once the development has been tested by the client.

How do you manage the delivery of  software development projects to clients?
We use the online enterprise project management software Clarizen to manage our development projects collaboratively with all partners in the process including our client.

If a client asks for software development but their need is too bespoke to their business how do you deal with this?
Our software is extremely customisable and for the few clients who need bespoke work, we can normally accommodate this so long as it will ultimately enhance our products for our other clients.

Do you get involved in other aspects of software development for a client i.e. during the set-up of a new software installation? 
As a developer, I need to be able to assist with all tasks involved with the lifecycle of our Veco™ product range.

What would you say is you biggest challenge every day?
Pleasing everyone! 🙂

How do you see the Veco™ software evolving in the future?
Our recent developments have included releases of a web portal for landlords, tenants and soon vendors and applicants. Technology is fast moving and our focus is on being more transparent and ensuring our applications meet the needs of estate agents now and in the future.

What do clients most value about the Veco™ software? 
Ease of use, the ability to customise and our effective support services from our very helpful Client Services team.

Finally do you have any funny stories about working in Veco™ software development you could share!
This may be a case of ‘you had to be there’ but I’ll tell it anyway.  I was off to see a client to do some development consultancy.  It was a client I had known for a number of years and had decided to take some Krispy Kreme doughnuts with me.  Along with a banana milkshake I popped into our office first to pick up some paperwork. I took the milkshake and removed the lid at my desk, but got distracted and turned away for a brief moment.  On turning back I grabbed the milkshake and shook it.  It was like the bottle had exploded, I was covered in milkshake, my desk and computer were covered in milkshake, the wall was covered in milkshake.  I can still remember it dripping off of my eyelashes. My jacket never recovered..!!!