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10 things to love about Veco™ this Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and it’s a great day to declare your love for Veco™ property software and join the thousands of estate agents and property managers already head-over-heals in love with its power, flexibility and scalability.

Leading proptech firm Eurolink have produced a list of ‘10 things to love about Veco™’ in the hope of convincing other estate agents and property managers to ditch their current unreliable property software and love the benefits of technology from a recommended provider with brilliant support from knowledgeable staff.

1. Veco™ can be deployed in-house or in the Cloud; whichever is your preferred choice.

2. Veco™ covers all the disciplines of property management and estate agency and integrates with leading technology such as Fixflo, DocuSign®, inventory and banking applications.

3. Veco™ can be customised and is scalable to your business with fully automated processes, comprehensive data analysis tools and personal profiling.

4. Veco™ WebPortal is a web tool which offers estate agents and property managers a new level of transparency and communication of information with landlords, tenants, vendors and applicants alike.

5. Veco™ is mobile and can be used by property managers and estate agents whilst out and about.

6. Veco™ manages automatic property uploads and marketing to applicants very easily with features such as cross matching.

7. Veco™ is very easy to navigate, is flexible and with the user-friendly nature of the system is not difficult to use at all.

8. Veco™ supports best practice and compliance with all government or regulatory legislation including the recent Right to Rent Checks.

9. Eurolink provides a dedicated UK based client services team to support you and ensure you get the best from your Veco™ software.

10. Our Veco™ projects team use a mature, robust and scalable model to ensure a smooth and successful delivery within an agreed timescale.

Director Richard Murray said


“All our data indicates we generate the vast majority of our new business from client recommendations and with this in mind we decided at this time of year we would appeal to the romantics out there and promote specific areas of Veco™ software to fall in love with and why then an estate agent or property manager should choose to ditch their current software provider and join us!

“We look forward to welcoming new partners to Eurolink and working with them to achieve the satisfaction our existing clients feel from their relationship with us.”


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