FAQ's - Eurolink


How long has the company been established?
Incorporated in 1990 and set up to support UK based Estate and Letting Agents.

What is the ownership status of the company?
Eurolink is a private limited company registered in England under company number 02513701.

What size is the company?
Eurolink is classified as a medium sized enterprise.

How many clients have you got?
Over 200 with over 1,100,000 properties on our client’s databases.

Do you outsource development?
Generally, no, our developers are all employed, and UK based. We may outsource from time to time to add efficiency to specific projects.

Where is your Support Team based?
Our Service Operations Centre in Leatherhead, Surrey.

How quickly do my Support requests take to be answered?
We aim to answer any support requests in 30 minutes. Standards are monitored daily and in real time to ensure we offer the best possible service to our users.

Is Veco web based or server based?
The Veco program itself is server based however the product stack is a combination of server and web-based applications

Can Veco be deployed in The Cloud?
Yes. Veco can be deployed on premises or in The Cloud depending on the individual client requirements and existing infrastructure.

What technology stack is Veco built on?
Microsoft SQL Database, Microsoft Visual Studio and complimentary development tools.

Can you provide IT consultancy and support?
Yes, we can provide ad hoc or contracted services.

What language is Veco programmed in?
Microsoft VB.

What disciplines does Veco cover?
Residential Sales, Residential Lettings, New Homes and Development, Property Management, Client Accounting, Estate Management.

How long does the Implementation take to complete?
Dependent on the size of company and the data migration requirements an implementation project can run from 3–6 months.

How much Training is included?
User training is included and only limited to the existing users during the implementation process.

How long will it take our users to become familiar with Veco?
If your users are familiar with Microsoft products they will already be familiar with the data entry and navigation of Veco.

Can you migrate data from my existing product(s)?
Yes, we have experience in migrating data from most UK property software products.

Can we upload marketing data to the portals and our website?
Yes, through our API to your website. Subscribed portals can take and/or receive marketing data instantly.

Do you integrate with other products?
Yes, we integrate with many other products, platforms, software & suppliers.

How do you choose who to integrate with?
This is driven by client demand and suggestions. We also consider new technology platforms and innovative market entry products.

How often do you release updates?
Our development roadmap incorporates quarterly releases following a structured development, testing and UAT programme.

Can we make suggestions to enhance functionality?
Yes, our updates will typically contain a combination of client suggestions, enhancements, performance improvements and when applicable; functionality to comply with new legislation.

What business processes do you automate?
We can deliver a wide range of automated processes to support all Departments. Almost any repetitive business process can be automated, given the correct data and the correct fields which are used to trigger a process.

Do you have web portals?
Yes, we have web portals for Tenants and Landlords to log in and self-serve 24/7.

Can we access our diary when away from the office?
Yes, you can have access to your diary appointments and the related contacts and information on the go.

What reporting tools does Veco have?
Our unrivalled reporting suite has now extended to Veco Insights, built by data scientists to maximise the benefits and opportunities in your data.

Does Veco integrate with office accounting packages e.g. Sage, Quickbooks?
No, Veco is a client accounting software package. We can design reports to collate output ready for input into your company accounting software.

What is the development roadmap for Veco?
We are constantly assessing our clients’ needs, market trends and new technology to ensure that our roadmap delivers improved and enhanced products and functionality to our clients.