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Client Testimonials

How To Boost Business Success Through Savvy Database Management

West-London based agency Northfields is a case in point. The firm had no less than seven legacy databases before drafting in London-based leading agency software provider, Eurolink, to help overhaul and consolidate its systems and processes.
Richard Palfreeman, Northfields’ Chief Operating Officer, explains: “We wanted one database, as we were putting the same data into seven different systems, which were a by-product of our growth.”
Eurolink was an obvious choice because of the provider’s ability and willingness to tailor Veco™ to fit Northfields’ requirements.
Veco™ offer a multi-discipline database that can manage sellers, landlords and estates in one system, which enables knowledge sharing and transparency, as well as the ability for agents to look at their overall database and filter customers by certain criteria, rather than having to manage an endless list.
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How To Use Technology To Automate And Optimise Efficiencies In Your Business

Morgan decided to switch to Veco™ by Eurolink on the advice of his operations manager, Jacqui Pringle, who was convinced that Eurolink’s integrated property software system was the right fit for Morgans, having used it in a previous job.
As a result, Morgans now uses Veco™ to manage the front end administrative tasks involved in its sales, lettings, property management and accounts divisions.
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Bring your data into one Veco™ database to prepare for the future

Mark Blyth, IT business manager for the division, explains: “[The expansion] almost slowed down our one-system type approach [because] as well as migrating companies we’ve acquired, we’ve also bought a new business stream at the same time.
“It’s been very labour intensive, as some of our legacy systems use a lot of free text fields. Plus [they’re] all custom built systems, so finding the support to work with them has been a challenge.”
But the task at hand soon became easier when Mears drafted in Veco™ to help.
“Veco™ has been instrumental in helping us migrate the information out of [these] legacy systems,” says Blyth.
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